Supercharge your business with the best all-in-one platform for

Attract new customers, increase purchase frequency and drastically reduce supply chain friction with shipping costs and disruptions kept to a minimum.

Minimise shipping costs and attract high-frequency shoppers

Empower customers to aggregate and deliver their orders to a single, underutilised shared address at drastically reduced marginal shipping costs per customer. By minimising the friction of your supply chain, elevate your business to convert more high-frequency purchases and retain more high-frequency shoppers.


Improve customer conversion rate and customer lifetime value

Attract new customers without the pushiness of traditional advertising or the cheesiness of unadventurous word of mouth referral programs. Reward customers who share similar shopping interests and are more likely to shop with close social networks.


Better return on your marketing dollars

Provide a seamless delivery experience to your customers with your current delivery carrier. Increase the probability of a return customer purchase with the power of well-timed cashback instalments, all at no further cost to your business.


The online experience matters

Customers are more often considering flexibility, sustainabililty and authenticity when they shop online.

🚚 70%

of customers want more flexible delivery options

- Sorted 2022

🛒 #1

reason for cart abandonment is that extra costs like shipping were too high

- Shopify 2022

🌱 3 in 4

Australian customers consider sustainability when they shop online

- Australia Post 2022

⏱ 81%

of customers would prefer to receive their order at a later date as one consolidated delivery

- Manhattan Associates, Shippit and Greener 2021

💸 70%

of millennials and 74% of Gen Z would spend more online if they got cashback

- The Center for Generational Kinetics 2022

🗣 92%

of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising

- BigCommerce 2021

Win-win customer and merchant aligned delivery options

In an e-commerce environment that is filled with cost hikes and delays, customers are now empowered with more information to choose the best and cheapest delivery experience. Leverage cashback and a customer's social network to incentivise customers to make decisions that optimise for a lower cost, more productive and environmentally friendly supply chain.

By using already supervised and under-utilised storage space residing at existing shared locations, customers have the flexibility to aggregate their orders with their social network and the surrounding community. We estimate that Mateship will save 60% of your shipping costs, increasing the frequency customers browse your website and purchase your products.


Enrich the customer delivery experience

The shipping experience is a critical customer touchpoint. Failed deliveries and the wait for an order to arrive are inconvenient last-mile experiences. Customers are fully aware of road congestion, wasted packaging and inefficient fuel consumption. With Mateship, entrust your customers with greater autonomy and convenience, all at the tip of their fingers.

Last-mile delivery has never worked this hard to suit your customer's lifestyle until now. Meeting up for training with teammates, date night with your soulmate, and coffee breaks with workmates are now natural delivery moments. Scaling your delivery operations with the help of customers, optimises delivery route planning to the end-user and drastically improves shopper satisfaction.


Zero cost advertising to increase average order value

The shipping budget to transport products to customers is now low-cost, high-conversion rate marketing. This is because the cost for you to deliver two products to two separate addresses is greater than the cost to deliver both products to a single address. Delivery savings gained from aggregating orders are now extra cashback optimally timed to incentivise customers to buy from you again.

The free shipping threshold as a powerful tool for increasing average order value is now supercharged as a cashback threshold. We cannot make this clear enough - delivery and cashback are at no further cost to you. Think of it as the value created due to drastically improving delivery efficiency, or even better, money made from thin (and cleaner) air!


Customer purchases are used as a powerful advertising tool

Your customers have a platform to seamlessly show their invited social network what they purchased. With highly-influential word of mouth marketing by a close and trusted customer, associated social networks are more likely to trust your brand and stick around for longer.

Enjoy increased order sizes from genuine referrals by avoiding the pushiness of traditional referral marketing programs. Reward your best customers with greater cashback proportional to their order size, and the number of customers that join their consolidated delivery. A customer's purchase is the best statement to their social network of what they think about you, your brand and your products.


Customers engage their social network after the buy button

With a passion to reduce shopping cart abandonment, we have carefully designed the Mateship platform not to detract from the customer checkout experience. This is achieved by directing customers to our app and website after they have made a purchase. Customers are provided ample time to invite as many members of their close social network and group their orders.

Our app works with any delivery carrier and is easily integrated into any Shopify store (with more platforms on the way). There is no need for you to change your existing contracts or relationships. This is what we mean by supercharging your status quo!


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