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Join us in building a more connected, sustainable, and rewarding online shopping experience.

How it works

Shop online
Buy what you want from any Mateship retailer. Go through the check out process as normal and you'll get a notification.
Join or create a group
Join another person's order or invite anyone you know, to group and deliver your shopping orders to the same address.
Enjoy instant cashback
Get rewarded with instant cashback for a more eco-friendly delivery.

Buy online, pick up anywhere

Yoga-like flexibility to seamlessly deliver your order anywhere without having to memorise your mate's address and without needing to coordinate your delivery from one screen.

Group your order and ship it to your shared house, workplace, apartment block, family home or even soulmate's duplex all from the convenience of your own phone. No need to wait around creating a long shopping list to hit the free shipping threshold - just invite a mate.


Earn significant cashback

Apps out there make it so difficult for you to receive cashback. We would even go so far as to say it gives us the ick. Mateship's promise is to provide fast and easy cashback on every item you buy - yes you read that right, every item. It'll make more cents when you group your order with mates now that your delivery is soooo much more environmentally friendly.


Make a difference to the planet

All good vibes when you use the most environmentally sustainable way to deliver your shopping. With minimal packaging waste, less delivery driver idle time, and reduced fuel consumption, your minimal carbon footprint has empowered mother nature like never before.


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